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VFD Supported Type & Mfg List

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Veriable Frequency Drives

We can Serve your VFDs requirement from several suppliers, If you use an Obsolete VFD we can arrange for Replacement of this by NEW one.

We cater to all types of VFD & Motor Solution

• Variable Frequency Drives  • Soft Start Control  • Vector Drives  • Inverter Motors  • Digital VFDs  • Variable Speed Motor

Want to order  VFD/ inverter grade Motors  for your Automated Equipment ? Contact/Enquire

We can supply VFD you :

- For New projects > As per your Application we can design and supply VFD installation. Send in details of your Application.

- We can supply Replacement VFDs >  One to One exact as per your Order no. From same manufacturer

- Find replacement for your Obsolete VFD’s        One one one from same mfgs– surplus reconditioned drive         can be offered.        Turnkey Replacement with Other Model of drive.  Mitsubishi Emerson Danfoss Siemens

- Upgrades for Obsolete/ Non- performing VFDs> Offer Equivalent from Other Manufacturers - maintainability/ faster delivery or more technical features may swing your decision in the favour of other manufacurers.

GOT A PART NUMBER/ MODEL NO. OR MANUFACTURERS NAME  of the “VFD” your are looking for so desperately ?? Send us an Email with these details and we can quote you NEW/ Refurbished “VFD” as per your requirement.


WE WILL FIND THAT “VFD”  FOR YOU:  or If you don't find your “VFD”  Part/Unit here in our Online stock lists, Email us with complete Specification & Part number of that “VFD” we will find that it for you.


If you have Any “VFD” part for Repair, We can do that for you. Ship the part/ Unit to us. We offer to evaluate the Repair cost at Our Own cost. No charge for Evaluation. We study the unit thoroughly & evaluate the repair cost & give you a firm price Quote on Repair on your faulty “VFD”  If you approve the Quote we go ahead with repairs or You can collect your Unit Back - No charge. All repaired “VFD” units have 6~12 months Repair Guarantee.  ·


For buyers we may also have an Exchange offer in certain cases.  ·

Upgrade Solutions – Beyond One to One Replacement.

We can also offer solutions for UPGRADING the Machine where this  "Obsolete “VFD” is Used. We can find an Equivalent “VFD” that can work in Place of that Fault Prone Obsolete “VFD”. This may  or May not require change in Wiring.

In such cases the Equivalent “VFD” would most probably be from the Lastest range of product from either the same or may be Other reputed manufacturers who are still in Business. So that Upgrade will ensure easier and Faster availability of “VFD”.

If you are facing reliability issues/Sourcing issues in case of your Obsolete “VFD”, discuss the issue with us.

Probably we can suggest an Upgrade so as to solve the problem for ever i.e. Replacing the OLD unit altogether with Newer version of “VFD” . We take up such project on Turnkey basis in Middle East countries. For other countries the Replacement solution goes with relevant wiring diagrams.

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