Standard Retrofit Packages

Standard Retrofit Packages Sold by Our company- Ensures smooth upgrade from Obsolete Controls - Economical & Faster.

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Modernizing your machine tools by CNC Retrofit is an economical way to upgrade your plant. CNC Retrofit is particularly important for medium to large machine of high value. The mechanics of older machines may still be in good condition or may require re-conditioning. Often the control and electrical components become obsolete or unreliable and need replacement.

The degree of modernization and the technology used to update the controls and motors, determines the price of CNC retrofit package. We will evaluate your machine and prepare a detailed offer on suitable CNC retrofit solution. You can choose from a variety of additional options and services such as training courses, service contracts and software functions.

Upgrading an NC machine to the latest CNC systems is the most common form of CNC retrofit. In this case we may supply a new Siemens SINUMERIK CNC system, drives, spindle and encoders. If required we provide a new electrical cabinet and machine wiring.

Our  standard CNC retrofit package provides a cost effective, completely engineered, upgrade path for machine tools with older CNC controls. The package has been developed based on Our completed retrofit projects on known machine models.

This "out-of-the-box" approach provides a proven hardware and software design minimizing the need for custom machine programming. It provides a smooth upgrade path for machine tools with up to 4 axes and 1 spindle.

Our standard retrofit package will be shipped in a package consisting all required equipments including pre-set up machine parameters and electrical diagrams. Start up and on-site commissioning by our engineers is included.

Machine Make

We standard CNC retrofit package can be fitted to any machine brand - Moriseiki, Hitachi Seiki, Mitsui Seiki, Koki, Shin Nippon Koki, Ikeda, Matsuura, Murata, Takisawa, Cincinnati, Bridgeport, Gildemeister, Toshiba, OKK, Okuma, Makino, Takamatsu, Ikegai, Mazak, Mitsubishi, Boehringer, Nakamura Tome, Star, Tsugami, Niles, Chiron, Deckel etc.

Machine Types

Universal milling machines

Universal milling machines have typically 3 axis to manufacture cubic parts. An automatic tool changer is not present. Very often these machines do not have an additional housing mainly because they are used if cooling fluids are not or only in small quantities necessary. Functionalities include pocket milling, tapping/rigid tapping, and drilling.

Single Slide lathes

A single slide lathe has the X- and Z-axis plus one speed or position controlled spindle. It also has a revolver/turret for tool changing. Functionalities include spindle positioning and thread cutting. Rigid tapping in the center of the workpiece is also possible, auxiliary axis to turn the tool revolver and for the bar feeder (if available). Programmable C-axis or additional Y-axis are available as options to our package.

Vertical Machining Centre

A vertical machining center (VMC) has 3 interpolating axis (X, Y and Z) and a tool changer. The preferred orientation of the spindle is vertical. More and more VMCs are used to manufacture molds with a spherical-head tool. The part programs are usually generated by an external PC throgh RS232/Ethernet bus.

Some important Advantages to customers who opted for CNC Retrofit: