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Retrofitting - Large Machine Tools

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Large Machine Retrofit:

Large component manufacturing in heavy engineering industries such as shipbuilding, power generation, mining, paper, steel making, truck, rail and defense requires massive and sometimes gigantic machine tools and special purpose machines.

Retrofitting these kind of machines requires special expertise. We are Recognized in UAE and India as the leading company in this field, We install new Siemens CNC systems and convert large manually operated machines to CNC.

The replacement cost of a new machine in this size range is huge ... Retrofitting can be a very good investment, typically only 10% to 30% of the new machine price.

Specialized technology and know-how has been developed by Our Company in collaboration with specialist associates for Roll Grinders, Wheel turning and re-profiling lathes and Gear Grinding machines and we are a world leader in these fields.

We offer you a turkey solution and support your people with training and service. We offer the latest technology and you only have to deal with one supplier.


  • Siemens CNC and drive systems are used by the large machine builders worldwide.
  • Gantry axes, parallel axes, multiple spindles, head changers, complex hydrostatic lubrication systems or special machining attachments can all be controlled by SINUMERIK.
  • We have installed Siemens AC servomotors up to 300Nm and main spindle drive up to 400kW.
  • Heidenhain precision linear scales and position encoders are used for accurate position measurement.
  • New electrical cabinets and machine cabling ensure reliability.

SINUMERIK functions such as geometry error compensation, tool management and graphic simulation improve machining accuracy, performance and easy of use.

Modernizing your machine tools by CNC Retrofit is an economical way to upgrade your plant. CNC Retrofit is particularly important for medium to large machine of high value. The mechanics of older machines may still be in good condition or may require re-conditioning. Often the control and electrical components become obsolete or unreliable and need replacement.

The degree of modernization and the technology used to update the controls and motors, determines the price of CNC retrofit package. We will evaluate your machine and prepare a detailed offer on suitable CNC retrofit solution. You can choose from a variety of additional options and services such as training courses, service contracts and software functions.

Upgrading an NC machine to the latest CNC systems is the most common form of CNC retrofit. In this case we may supply a new Siemens SINUMERIK CNC system, drives, spindle and encoders. If required we provide a new electrical cabinet and machine wiring.


Some important Advantages to customers who opted for CNC Retrofit:

  • Pricing >  your CNC retrofit package will probably amount to 15% to 60% of the value of a similar new machine.
  • Service Contract > Each of our CNC retrofit packages come with a 1-year service contract. This can be extended, at low cost, for up to 5 years so you have no ongoing electrical maintenance costs.
  • Spare Part Information > Many of the older system spare part are discontinued. If in doubt, contact us and we will let you know if parts or repairs are available.
  • Training > We can prepare you employees for machine operation, programming or maintenance. These activities are usually included in our CNC retrofit package

Safety Compliance>It is vital that your machines conform to the latest safety regulations. Within our CNC retrofit package, we provide machine risk analysis, detailing the changes required. Safety functions available in SINUMERIK are combined with safety category 3 or 4..

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