Machine Retrofit: For a longer machine service life

Machine Retrofit: For a longer machine service life

Machine modernization - also known as retrofit - gives the machinery a second lease of life and extends the utilization period. When a machine has been in operation for ten or more years, control technology and drive systems have undergone fundamental further development. Whether in terms of energy costs or new functions that make operation of the machine tool more efficient. Furthermore, new components have better spare parts availability and this can be decisive for safe operation of the machine tool in many cases.

The mechanical system for older machines is generally still in good to excellent condition, so it is more economical to modernize the control technology and drive system than to make a new purchase.

With Machine Retrofit, we offers machine modernization in which the individual components are modernized and the machine is brought up to date technically, i.e.:

New technologies and possibilities ensure much more flexible manufacturing. Through complete mechanical and electrical overhauls, the machine and plant investment is secured over the long-term.

Even existing older NC part programs can be reused after a retrofit, because even the service of program conversion is included in our controls offer as an optional item. Further benefits of our retrofit services are the ability to network the machines in the existing IT infrastructure and the provision of condition monitoring services.


If you have any CNC Machine with Obsolete Control system or Have a Machine where Downtime is high, Productivity is Low; programming is Obsolete...or In general the Machine is not effective Contact us and see the possibilities of Retrofitting your CNC Control with NEW Siemens Controls.

. Give us a Call and we can help you by carrying out a Machine and plant analysis along with task definition and tender preparation for Machine upgrade additionally we also offer Consulting services for modernization issues

During our Consulting visit we will evaluate modernization possibilities and are in a position to carry out modernization on a Turnkey basis. If you wish we can arrange to have a Health Check of machine arranged to get a finger print of "Dynamic Positioning Accuracy" and Machine Condition using our Renishaw Equipment.