Preventive Maintenance Services for CNC Machine tool Users

Overview of Preventive Maintenance Services

Preventive Maintenance Services.are offered to clients in UAE For Maintaining The Effectiveness Of CNC Machine tool and CNC Systems

1) We Offer services for designing & implementing a Total Productive Preventive (TPM) Program for your CNC machine tool under an annual service contact.


2) We offer Services for Planning Scheduling Carrying out Mfg. Recommended Scheduled Preventive Maintenance Tasks at 1000 Hrs., 2000 Hrs., 6000 Hrs., etc. of machine working.


Service are available for use to support your in-house Preventive Maintenance program on Lump-sum charges or Per day charges basis.

3) We Provide services for

* Carrying out Mfg recommended tasks at specified Intervals. 2000 hrs. etc.

*  Design & implementation of Scheduled Replacement / Overhaul programs.

* Design & implementation of lubrication / cleaning / adjustment program for the machine.

* Design & implementation of TPM (Total productive Maintenance) program for the machine


We also offer a scheduled complete machine condition-monitoring program. This is done with the use of pro-active and preventive maintenance, forming a baseline or footprint of the machine.


By doing this studies have shown large savings in maintenance costs and increased productivity due to less down time.

You may also utilize our services for various attending to other tasks such as:

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