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Overview -ProActive Maintenance

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Proactive Maintenance solutions offered to customers in Gulf Region for CNC Machinery.

Overview of Offered Services

Preventive maintenance solutions

  • Providing services for carrying out Mfg recommended tasks at specified Intervals. 2000 hrs. etc.
  • Design & implementation of Scheduled Replacement / Overhaul programs.
  • Design & implementation of lubrication / cleaning / adjustment program for the machine.
  • Design & implementation of TPM (Total productive Maintenance) program for the machine.

Predictive maintenance solutions.

  • Design and implementation of: Condition monitoring & trend analysis program.
  • Health checking of CNC machine tools.
  • Design and implementation of: Failure finding schedules.
  • Design and implementation of Total Reliability Centered Maintenance Based Pro-Active Maintenance. Program For The Machine.
  • Design & implementation On condition monitoring program for the machine.


We also offer a scheduled complete machine condition-monitoring program. This is done with the use of pro-active and preventive maintenance, forming a baseline or footprint of the machine.
By doing this studies have shown large savings in maintenance costs and increased productivity due to less down time.


  • Changing Fluids
  • Cleaning Filters
  • Checking Alignments
  • Checking ATC Alignments
  • Checking APC Alignments
  • Changing Batteries
  • Checking Axis Backlash
  • Check Safety Equipment
  • Inspect Guards & Wipers

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