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Custom Made Parts on CNC at UAE Workshop

Sourcing of Parts from India

Productivity Improvement: increasing the productivity of your Industrial Machinery

Productivity Improvement: increasing the productivity of your Industrial Machinery

Solutions offered by us for Productivity Improveme...

Machine Tool Solutions_ Developed as per Your idea/Concept

Machine Tool Solutions_ Developed as per Your idea/Concept

You have an idea to build a Special purpose machin...

introduction to our Automation solutions

We have a long history of serving the Automotive, ...

CNC Assets at our UAE Works for Manufacturing "Custom Parts as per your Design"

  • Our CNC Workshop

  • Large Bridge Milling specs

  • CNC Turning Machines



Manufacture : Custom made Parts as per your drawings on CNC MILLING machines and CNC lathe machines at our UAE workshop

We are a company as the name suggests involved in Manufacturing and Supplying Custom Made Parts As per Your drawing or Sample in Mild Steel/Stainless Steel / Aluminium /Brass/Bronze/Plastic or any other commercially available Metal /Non metal materials.

We offer to do CNC Turning Job work / contract machining work at our UAE based CNC Workshop having CNC(Slant Bed) Lathes – up to Dia. 550 mm – Length 1250 mm and One CNC Bridge type Bed Milling Machine with Table Size =1500 mm x 2500 mm x 750 mm + Rotary/ Tilting table 350 mm.

For Rest of your Component Needs, involving any Machining operations in any size we arrange to Outsource the Job to INDIA.


Large Bridge / Portal Type Milling Machine for "Big Size MILLING Jobs- 2.5mx1.5m table"

Work Envelop : Machine can Accomodate job sizes upto 2500mm x1500 mm x 1200 mm

Large steel sections; Heat Exchanger plates; Large plates Machining; Fixtures machining ..also have capacity for Rotary Table.

Description < > Specifications

Machine Type < > CNC Milling Machine -3 axes +2 Axis -rotary / Tilt

NO. OF AXES < > 5 AXIS -X,Y,Z +A (ROTARY)+B (Tilting)

Manufacturer < > Wadkin : England - Upgraded by CNC automation

Model < > (105” x60” )

Control System < > Sinumerik 802-D (Digital) Working with Brand new AC Servo motors

Table Size < > 105 inches x 60 inches (2667mm x 1524 ); with 11 tee slots

& X axis Travel < > longitudinal Table Traverse 100 (2540 mm) approximately

Cross Traverse of Spindle Head (Y axis) < > 60 inches (1524mm)

Spindle < > 15 KW

Between Columns < > 72inches (1828mm)

Height Under Cross Slide < > 54 inches (1371mm)

Cross Slide Rise and Fall < > 47 inches (1200mm)

Quill Rise and Fall ( Z axis) < > 30 inches (750mm)

Spindle Taper < > 50INT

Overall length x width x Height & Weight of machine < > [6710mm x 3660mm x 4710mm ] 16 TONS

Spindle RPM < > 2500 rpm



We Employ 3 nos. of CNC Turning Machines that cover jobs upto Dia 615 mm Length 1250mm Jobs. Get your Job done inside UAE itself...

We manufacture Flanges, shafts, bushes...any Turned component with any Boring, Drilling, Threading details...for Turn Mill jobs we have Milling machine facility also....Large Volume jobs can be done as we have 3 CNC Lathes in addition to 1 more small manual lathe that we converted to CNC ...means 4 cnc Lathes available to do your work..






Machine Type

CNC Lathe

CNC Lathe

CNC Lathe


Index Germany

Index Germany

Index Germany


GU 1000 NC

GU 800 NC




Sinumerik 802-D


Sinumerik 802-D


Sinumerik 802-D


Swing  Over Bed

615 mm

(~can go upto 700mm)

540 mm

(~ can go upto 600 mm)

370 mm

Nominal Turning


450 mm

250 mm

200 mm

Max length turned

1250 mm

800 mm

360 mm

Spindle Bore

(Bar Work)



42 mm

3 jaw chuck

external diameter

500 mm

500 mm

200 mm

Number of Tools

8x2 VDI tooling

8x2 VDI tooling

14 tools

Spindle KW

22  Kilo watts

22  Kilo watts

22  Kilo watts

Spindle Gears

4 Gears

2 Gears

2 Gears

Spindle RPM

4000 rpm

4000 rpm

5000 rpm

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