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Our UAE Workshop CNC Machines

Our Vendor Network.

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Our Vendor network spans UAE and India.

In UAE  & India it includes small job shops who own:


  • Conventional Lathes & Big Bore Lathes
  • Large Dia Conventional Lathes and Large Length Lathes
  • Conventional Milling machines
  • Conventional Jig boring machine
  • CNC Laser Cutting


Our Large Bridge Portal Type CNC Milling Machine

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Description                                                             Specifications

Machine Type >  CNC Milling Machine -3 axes +2 Axis -rotary / Tilt

NO. OF AXES  > 5 AXIS -X,Y,Z +A (ROTARY)+B (Tilting)

Manufacturer >   Wadkin : England - Upgraded by CNC automation

Model    > (105” x60” )

Control System   > Sinumerik 802-D (Digital) Working with Brand new AC Servo motors

Table Size  > 105 inches x 60 inches (2667mm x 1524 ); with 11 tee slots


Our Large Slant Bed CNC Lathe GE1000 NC

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Description                                  Specifications

Machine Type> CNC Lathe

Manufacturer> Index Germany

Model> GU 1000 NC

Control System  > Sinumerik 802-D (Digital)

Swing  Over Bed  > 615 mm (~can go upto 700mm)

Nominal Turning Diameter > 450 mm


Our CNC Lathe GE 800

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Description                                     Specifications

Machine Type                              CNC Lathe

Manufacturer                                Index Germany

Model                                             GU 800 NC

Control System                            Sinumerik 802-D (Digital)

Swing  Over Bed                          540 mm (~ can go upto 600 mm)

Nominal Turning Diameter        250 mm

Max length turned                       800 mm

Spindle Bore (Bar Work)            65mm

3 jaw chuck external diameter  500 mm

Number of Tools                          8x2 VDI tooling

Spindle KW                                   22  Kilo watts

Spindle Gears                              2 Gears

Spindle RPM                                 4000 rpm

Our CNC Lathe - GE42

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Description                             Specifications

Machine Type                         CNC Lathe

Manufacturer                          Index Germany

Model                                    GE42

Control System                      Sinumerik 802-D (Digital)

Swing  Over Bed                     370 mm


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