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Tools for_Calibration/Machine Validation & Accuracy Checking

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Diagnostic Instruments: We own several diagnostics instruments, for CNC machine total health check & troubleshooting. And dynamic & static performance checks of CNC machine tool & CNC systems.

We also have instruments for checking vibration, acoustics, frictional characteristics of elements of CNC machine & systems.

1a. Renishaw ball bar system for dynamic and static performance check of any CNC machine tool with contouring ability. Also it is used for identifying, quantifying, and prioritizing the geometrical, servo, positioning errors present in the CNC machine, and suggesting a corrective action needed. Renishaw ballbar system works with deviation data analysis, and error diagnosis software, calibrator for ballbar's accuracy, and computer

1b. Renishaw ball bar system for CNC lathe accuracy, dynamic and static performance checking and geometrical servo error diagnosing system

2. Other instruments for machinery failure analysis & fault diagnosis vibration and frequency analyzer, with data-logger. Acoustics level (db) meter, analyzer & calibrators with data logger multi memory bearing thermometer special shock pulse bearing health analyzer for bearings health check digital frictional torque meter and analyzer.

3. We have all other standard and special purpose inspection instruments for checking the dimension, form & position of elements of machine tool and their displacement relative to one another.

4. We have all the inspection instruments for accuracy checking of the machine tools (CNC turning centers, CNC milling machines, CNC vertical / horizontal machining centers etc.) As per internationally acceptable standards (iso / bs / ansi). All these equipment are regularly calibrated

Calibration Equipments : We have the best available equipment and skilled engineers for calibration of your machines.

Follow these links to have a look at the tools, tackles and instruments that we have invested in, for you !

** Inspection instruments for checking & validating the machine accuracy as per machine test chart.

**Renishaw ml-10 laser interferometer system* (imported from u.k.)

** Renishaw qc-10 ballbar system (imported from u.k.)We use following instruments & tackles for for calibration, machine validation & accuracy checking of the machine.

1. Instruments & tackles for machine error diagnostics & failure finding.

2. Tools & tackles for assembling and dismantling of the machine

3. Calibration machine validation & accuracy checking of the machine


We work with " leading local CNC machine tool users" and & "global CNC machine tool & systems manufacturers, and professionals" to develop, offer & implement "repair, maintenance and machine rebuilding" solutions in line with immediate & future requirements of CNC machine tool users

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