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introduction to our Automation solutions

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We have a long history of serving the Automotive, Machine Tool, Assembly, and Packaging industries. We have supplied key high-performance subsystems and components (controls and mechanics) for many applications both in production and in R&D.

We select products that feature innovative designs that advance the state-of-the-art in motion, vision, PLC, robotics, motors, and mechanics, while addressing industry-specific needs not adequately met by other products.

For over 20 years, customer requirements have driven our Automation Solution designs, resulting in the highest throughput, best accuracy, and highest return on investment available today.

We provide the industry's broadest variety of motion control products to suit your application. We have the capacity to select /souce / integrate  a large selection of high-performance linear and rotary brushless servomotors and drives, linear and rotary mechanical- and airbearing stages, nanopositioners, and much more.

Our expertise includes systems for shop floor, R&D, vacuum, and quality control applications.

Our ability to provide custom-engineered products and systems to both end users and high-volume OEMs with fast turnaround is something you can rely on.

We  deliver quality, performance, flexibility, and the highest return on investment (ROI).


  1. CNC Controls, PLC Controls PLC based cotnrols, Distributed software-based controller with multi-axes of synchronized motion.
  2. Multiple high- and low-power configurations of drives and motors for every application.
  3. Use of Controls that feature 
    • One unified programming environment for motion, vision, PLC, robotics, and I/O.
    • Pre-packaged application specific functions such as multi-block
    • look ahead for higher accuracy parts while maintaining high
    • throughput, velocity profiling, CAM tables, cutter compensation,
    • electronic line shaft gearing, and many more.
  4. New machines or retrofit existing machines with substantially
  5. less startup time, reduced changeover time, and higher throughput.
  6. Distributed control system using industry standard, high performance
  7. use of Several FireWire® (IEEE-1394) network minimizes wiring.
  8. Completely digital controller results in lower maintenance and higher performance.
  9. Scalable — no degradation in performance as the axis count increases.




  • Fuel injectors, cam shafts, and windshields
  • Tire tread testing, shock absorbers, air bag
  • accelerometers, and fuel metering systems
  • Car-body painting, TIG welding for transmissions, welding
  • for catalytic converters, and CMM for the auto body


  • Milling, drilling, grinding, boring, and turning
  • Laser processes, routing, water jet cutting, knife cutting,
  • and EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining)


  • Unwind, rewind, and tension applications
  • Printing, coating, laminating, perforating
  • Rotary knife, flying cutoff, and slitting operations
  • Pick-and-place

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