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CNC PLC Spare parts-Obsolete Controls

Secondhand Refuribshed CNC M/c

Custom Made Parts on CNC at UAE Workshop

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Custom Made Machine tools:

Custom Made Special Configuration -Machine tools:

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We offer  automation solutions and systems for various Motion control application including machine tools. We provide high technology products and engineering services for Machine Tool Builders and Users

We can provide Control and Machine building complete solutions for many Machine Tool Applications. We have our Own workshop to develop Machine Frames/ Assemblies and source our Control solutions from leading international suppliers of Automation Siemens, Aeortech, Galil etc.


Our  controllers are used contoured milling applications to achieve high quality milling in flexible manufacturing processes such as running small batches of multiple parts on the same machine.If you are looking for deleloping a specialized milling machine for purpose application...e.g. You may choose to build your own milling machine for reasons like "Special Size Work Envelop", Special Accuracy Requirement, Special Axis Arrangement etc. We can build the Basic Machine Tool Frame/ Casting in our Own Workshop and build your machine using Modular spindles/ Sliding units in our Own Workshop..and install Control/Motor/Drive / Electrical Panel etc. on the Machine.


Machine Tool Solutions_ Developed as per Your idea/Concept

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You have an idea to build a Special purpose machine Tools for your specific application...? We can convert your concept into Manufacturing designs...Develop the prototype..Manufacture machine frames, procure modular assemblies and build the machine for you. Also we can interface the Machine structure with suitable CNC Control system, Servo Drives, Servo Motors, Encoders etc.


Custom Made positioning stages/Pick place units..

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We build Custom Made Machine tool attachments

e.g. ; Fixturing/ Palletizing solutions; Indexing solutions; Probing solutions; Pick place Positioning stages ...etc.

  • Pick place units
  • Positioning of Job under Work station accurately – Linear/ Rotary positioning
  • Monitoring of machine functions, recording and reporting..

.We have our own CNC Workshop to build Machine frames/ Precision mechanical components for such attachments. however most items are modular and bought out.

CNC Repair & Control Retrofit Services

Spares_for Fanuc CNC/PLC controlled machines

Mfg/Sourcing Customized Parts

Secondhand Refuribshed CNC M/c