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Brass CNC Milled Parts

"Brass" 'CNC Milled Parts' Custom made - as per your Drawing

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We manufacture Large  Brass Machined parts(3 Axis Milled - 2.5 meters x 1.5 meters x 500mm or 5 Axis Milled small brass parts - 500 mmx500 mmx 500 mm) as per your Drawing. In addition to Milling if the job requires CNC Turning we have the in-house capacity(dia 560mmx Lenght 1250mm) to do that as well. We also do Reverse Engineering and manufacture as per your sample. We have CNC Lathes/Milling in our UAE workshop Capable of Turning upto Dia 560mm /Lengh 1250mm and Milling(2.5 m x1.5 m x 500mm). Our experienced team has the skill and expertise to handle large, small and complex parts that are often difficult to hold and require Machining through multiple planes. We have both the Milling  and Turning capacity in-house at UAE, thus can handle Complex machining jobs and hold tighter cycle times and tolerances.

Use of Plate/ Bar Stock / Extrusions for your Brass Machined components : To increase Material savings, machining economics, production efficiencies and to reduce rejection rates we not only machine from bar/ Plate stock but also source Forged blanks for Machining Customer components as per job requirements

Milled  parts from Brass Casting/ Brass Forgings : Not to Worry...the cost of Brass Forgings/ Castings is prohibitively high in UAE.. and many a times it is either mandatory or economical to machine the parts from Forged / Cast rough Stock. For Machined components - We get Forgings/ Castings as per Job requirement from India. We source from the Most economical sources. We can get the Forgings/ CAstings machined in india or can do the CNC Turning/CNC Milling  at UAE. Short delivery times, minimum shipping costs and a single business partner reduce considerably the costs and expenses associated with your order for Brass Machined Castings / Brass Machined Forgings..

Use of Forged Blanks : As per your Drawing and final Forged machined components. We source the Open Die Forgings. Our Forging suppliers are based in india they are producer of open die forgings, seamless rolled rings, and contoured rolled rings up to 160"/4050mm outside diameter.Forging shapes include discs, hubs, blocks, shafts (including step shafts or with flanges), sleeves, cylinders, flats, hexes, rounds, plate, and some custom shapes.Forgings can be procured as finished size, finished size rough machined, forged size, forged size rough machined, as forged size, or as forged size with allowance to finish to your finish size. Seamless rolled rings and contoured rings are produced to save on material and machining costs.

Use of Castings as Raw Blanks: we also use Brass Castings to get material savings and faster production. We have Brass casting facilities in India from where we source the blanks. The blanks can be milled to machined final sizes and shipped direct form India or we import Brass castings into UAE and machine these here.

We also have Machining facilities both in india and in Our Own Workshop in UAE to machine forged shafts, sleeves, flats, hexes, rounds, rings etc. to Finish Machined Parts per customer demands.

In House Capability at UAE

We have 3 CNC Lathes German INDEX make to cater to Job dimensions upto Dia 550mm and Lenghts upto 1250 mm. ;


OUr CNC Milling Machine - Large Bridge Type Milling Specifications are here :
  1. [CNC Bridge type Milling Machine Wadkin -(2.5mx1.5mx500mm)]
  2. The CNC Milling is equipped with a Tilting and Rotary TAble adding additional 2 Axes to the capacity .


Additionally you can call us for :

Bar Turned Brass Components: If your job requires Turning from Steel Shafting Bar / Steel Ground Bar - Our CNC Machines in UAE have a big bore spindle that can accomodate upto 65mm Rod. Additionally we can do the Bigger jobs by holding in Chuck.

Betwen Center Brass Components Turning : If your Job Requires Between Center Turning - Our CNC Machines can accomodate jobs of Dia 560 mm and upto 1250 mm in Length.

Secondary Milling Operations on Brass Parts: Also We can do secondary machining operations on Turned Brass parts e.g. Milling/ Drilling etc. Our CNC Milling Machine is equipped with additional 2 Axis capacity (Rotary/Tilting Axis)- This way we can manufacture any Complex Machining Shape.

If you look for Screw Machined Parts made out of Brass . Our indian office is capable of sourcing any type of Screw machined  Parts.

Contact us with your Drawing and / or Sample. and we can quote you the Machining  Job at the lowest price.


We cater to markets in United Arab Emirates- Dubai, Abudhabi, Sharjah, Ras Al khaima, UAQ, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.. and a couple of countries in North Africa.

The linear tolerances as close as 10 microns and the angular tolerances are as close as 15 minutes. We make components from brass extrudedrods / tubes, forged brass or castings as per the required chemical / physical specifications. We use material as per international standards like DIN, B.S.,I.S. etc. Our precision machined component & parts are of the highest quality as we adhere to stringent quality norms. Our speciality brass components are the precision machined auto component & Parts.

Material : Brass  additionally All of our work is to customer specification, the bulk being in steel, stainless steel and Brass. We machine a broad range of other material such as copper, brass, titanium, and gun metal in the form of both bar stock, plate stock, forgings, extrusions and castings.

Threads :ISO Metric (MM Threads).;BA;BSW;BSP;BSPT;NPT;UNC;UNF;UNEF

Finish :Natural, Nickle Plated, Tin Plated or Any type of Coating As Per Customer Specification

For additional information you are Welcome to Enquire by Sending us a Quick email with your Drawing details to  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



Brass Machining Services

We have done a lot of Brass machining -- including C260 (yellow brass), C360 (free machining or leaded), and C464 (naval brass). We have machined brass gear plates, brass standoffs, brass valve bodies, brass balance weights, and more. Brass is a metal composed primarily of copper and zinc. By changing the proportions of these main two materials a wide variety of brass alloys can be created with a range of different properties.

Because brass machines very easily, We can take advantage of our high speed brass machining centers with balanced tool holders to reduce cycle times, without sacrificing surface finish.

We provides custom brass milling services for companies in middle east through our own Inhouse capacity and via subcontract to India. Brass milling requires specialized milling machinery, trained brass milling operators, and engineers with extensive brass milling experience. We offers all of that and more.

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