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"Aluminium" Turned Parts Custom made - as per your Drawing

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Aluminium CNC Turned Parts Custom made - as per your Drawing

We manufacture Turned parts as per your Drawing. We also do Reverse Engineering and manufacture as per your sample.We have CNC Lathes/Milling in our UAE workshop Capable of Turning upto Dia 560mm /Lengh 1250mm and Milling is Too Large...capable of Length. This capacity means that we can cater to almost all your Turned Parts Requirement in Brass.

Bar Turned Aluminium Components: If your job requires Turning from Steel Shafting Bar / Steel Ground Bar - Our CNC Machines in UAE have a big bore spindle that can accomodate upto 65mm Rod. Additionally we can do the Bigger jobs by holding in Chuck.

Betwen Center Aluminium Components Turning : If your Job Requires Between Center Turning - Our CNC Machines can accomodate jobs of Dia 560 mm and upto 1250 mm in Length.

Secondary Milling Operations on Aluminium Parts: Also We can do secondary machining operations on bTurned Aluminium parts e.g. Milling/ Drilling etc. Our CNC Milling Machine is equipped with additional 2 Axis capacity (Rotary/Tilting Axis)- This way we can manufacture any Complex Machining Shape.

Turned parts from Aluminium Casting/ Aluminium Forgings : Not to Worry...the cost of Aluminium Forgings/ Castings is prohibitively high in UAE.. and many a times it is either mandatory or economical to turn the parts from Forged / Cast rough Stock. For Turned components - We get Forgings/ Castings as per Job requirement from India. We source from the Most economical sources. We can get the Forgings/ CAstings turend in india or can do the CNC Turning at UAE. Short delivery times, minimum shipping costs and a single business partner reduce considerably the costs and expenses associated with your order for Aluminium Machined Castings / Aluminium Machined Forgings..

If you look for Screw Machined Parts made out of Aluminium . Our indian office is capable of sourcing any type of Screw machined  Parts.

Contact us with your Drawing and / or Sample. and we can quote you the Turned part Job at the lowest price.

We cater to markets in United Arab Emirates- Dubai, Abudhabi, Sharjah, Ras Al khaima, UAQ, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.. and a couple of countries in North Africa.

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