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About US

About US - Corporate Strategy - Corporate Strategy

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We are in the business of offering cnc machine users, "repair and maintenance services & solutions", which helps them maximize machine "effectiveness (uptime, output quality & performance)".

We promise to our customer that "the services that we offer"

1) we shall produce results in the form of restoring & maintaining cnc machine's performance at our client's "desired level",

2) we shall contribute positively in maximizing the return on our client's investment in the cnc machine tool assests.


About US - Corporate Strategy - Core Values

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Following core values are our organization's essential and enduring beliefs; A set of guiding principles so fundamental they are seldom, if ever changed.

We are pleased to share a statement of our core values". Our operating principles includes the followings:

1. Care of our customers- our company takes excellent care of its customers by providing the right solutions to their business problems based on maintenance concepts & engineering principles. Through this process we provide safe, reliable, high quality products of lasting value and unequaled service.


About US - Corporate Strategy - Strategic Priorities

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When We at our group companies, Face A Major Decision, We Evaluate The Alternatives In Consideration Of The Following-

1. - Safety - We Continuously Strive To Create A Safer Workplace For Our Employees. We Provide Services And Solutions That Promote Workplace Safety For Our Customers And Ensure The Protection Of The Machines & Environment Through Proper Business Practices.

2.- Quality - We Define Quality As "Conformance To Customer Requirements." We Have A Deep Commitment To Continually Improve Our Services And To Assist Our Customers. We Have Worked Hard Over The Past Years To Achieve Our Reputation And We Are Proud Of It.


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